About ICEPWorld

Upon its emergence, ICEPWorld started of as an abroad student exchange consultancy firm. From humble beginnings, ICEPWorld dealt with all matters revolving around supporting the education of language students interested in applying to host countries; as well as assisting students to live in host families as live-in au pairs. 

By 2009, ICEPWorld gained its credibility in various visa related matters. As part of our expansion programme, we began dealing with a wide-range of visa programmes, such as, student visas, visitor visas, tourist visas, work permits and more. Additionally, we obtained an OISC licence that allowed us to focus our attention and deal with applicants eager to apply for a UK Immigration status. 

In 2010, I took the executive decision to terminate our UK Immigration practise and focus on a new, intriguing world of immigration; Golden Visas and Citizenship by Investment schemes overseas.  Initially, in 2010, we started to promote Dominican Citizenship Progammes and later we expanded our areas to other countries including Cyprus and Malta. In 2013, along our citizenship programmes, we also started to promote Golden Visa programmes in Portugal, Spain and Greece.


Understanding the fundamental framework of such programmes is extremely important. Therefore, In February 2020, we started to provide Business and Marketing consultancy services to assist our clients before they make an important decision for their families. ICEPWorld arguably works alongside some of the best lawyers and government experts of these programmes and employs business and financial consultants who are experts in their chosen field. By forming partnerships with such outstanding firms and employing experts from the business world, we guarantee that our clients are offered premium services; tailored to suit their personal requirements.

ICEPWorld's professional and friendly team are eager to offer you a helping hand. We look forward to working with you!  

Suheyla Ulay